Internet Replatform - go-live activities

We're assisting with replatforming the websites of a $2B retailer. ProfiTech was responsible for the BI systems migration which run on Cognos and Oracle. After many months of development and testing we got the green light on Sunday to begin cut-over activities. Their BI systems now are fed data from a different system, but all downstream reporting systems remain unchanged, making the cut-over seamless to the end reporting users.

Three big migration steps - current activities

1. Merchandise hierarchy realignment.
We need to get a sample of the reclassed product table from our external web vendor and run that through our reporting systems to check for possible errors.
2. Cutover to new web vendor.
This will be an overnight process of setting up new scripts and procedures in the production database, and manually running last jobs from the old system to bring remaining data over.
3. SAP rollout steps.

How to set up a Fedora workstaton for secure remote access

Details on how to set up a home Fedora business machine.

Current activities

We're in the middle of a large multi-month e-commerce platform migration at a $1.8B retailer.

I'm supporting the existing data warehouse and reporting infrastructure and have developed the integration necessary for that infrastructure to receive data from the new web platform.

Technologies involved are Oracle, Cognos, Unix scripting on Windows via MKS Toolkit, and a fair amount Excel and Access VBA.

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